Justice Wargrave Analysis

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In the Epilogue two police officers, Inspector Maine and Sir Thomas Legge, investigate the death of ten people on an island. Inspector Maine then tells us that Isaac Morris had bought the Island and made all the arrangements for Mr. Morris. They then tells us the Isaac Morris has died from an overdose of sleeping pills on August 8. The two then tells us that the people of Sticklehaven were told to ignore the island for a week because of an experiment. The epilogue then turns its attention to a manuscript written by Justice Wargrave. In the manuscript Wargrave tells us that he would enjoy seeing things being killed and that he had a strong lust for killing, with a strong sense of justice. He then says that he after years as working as a judge…show more content…
He then remembers the rhyme of the ten little soldier boys, from his childhood, which he loved because all the deaths were inevitable. Wargrave then starts to collect victims. He decides that Morris would be his tenth victim, because he sold drugs to his friends daughter, which committed suicide. Before heading to Soldier Island, Wargrave gives Morris a pill to take at night, which he says helps with indigestion. He decided to kill those without guilt first. He killed Marston and Mrs. Roger first because Marston was born without a sense of moral responsibility and Mrs. Rogers was probably told to kill the old lady because of her husband. Next he murdered General Macarthur by sneaking up behind him. He then needed an ally so he chose Armstrong because he was kind of a gullible person. Armstrong agrees because he is told that they were trapping the murder. Then he killed Mr, Rogers, while he is out chopping sticks. In the same day he killed Emily Brent by injecting her with cyanide. Armstrong then helped him fake his death, they made Vera first scream, which distracted everyone, then Wargrave dressed up and pretend that was shot, then when Armstrong inspects Wargrave he lies and says that he is
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