Justification In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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Added Scene Justification A Raisin in the Sun uses the real-life struggles of African Americans in the 1950’s to portray the gravity that race can have on the average person’s life. The play tells a story of how a family moves from an old, beaten-down apartment to a small, comfortable house. This change, along with those of the characters, is essential to the well being of each of the inhabitants. In the added scene above, it shows the change that the new home has elicited from each of the characters. Throughout the play, Walter is seen as the shifty, temperamental, and somewhat selfish character who solely focuses on his dream to never have to worry about anything monetary. His means of achieving this at this point, he hopes, is to purchase a bar with two of his friends. When this does not become a reality, Walter is gloomy and depressed, forced to confront the colossal mistake that he made with the money that was not originally his. For this reason, Walter is granted a bar in the added scene with the money from his mother’s life insurance. The hopes of this was to show that Walter has grown as a father, son, husband, and overall as a man. The maturity that he shows in act three embodies his growth…show more content…
This could have been placed directly after they moved into the new house, but having her wait so she could finish her schooling shows that it is something that she really desires and is not a wandering thought that she picked up along the way and decided to run with, which she was often reprimanded for. This also brings closure for the reader because it puts Beneatha with a man that she truly loves, not one that has been handpicked to satisfy all of her and her families needs. Along with this, she is also wearing her hair in its natural state. Originally she had been mocked for this, but after searching long and hard she had finally found who she wanted to
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