Poem Analysis: The Seafarer

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Justification: This story is based from the poem ‘The Seafarer’. I have written this narrative in third person to express the emotions of what each character is feeling throughout each situation. The connection of this narrative relates to ‘The Seafarer’ because it shows deep depression and selfishness. My character Annaleise is a women who is recently divorced, her daughter Skylar moved out of home to live with her boyfriend Sam. Annaleise doesn’t cope well with both of these heartbreaking situations and falls into a stage of depression which leads her to being an alcoholic. This narrative shows meaning of what each character is feeling at the time, they express this by yelling, crying and excluding themselves from one other. The mood for…show more content…
Annaleise was leaning against the wall, mourning whilst watching Skylar and Sam pack away the boxes. Skylar gave Annaleise a kiss on the cheek, jumped into the car with Sam, waved a hand out the window, beeped and drove off. Annaleise walked back up to her house, she didn’t realise how bare it was with Skylar’s and Asher’s junk gone. Annaleise walked into the kitchen, grabbed a wine glass out, went into the wine cupboard and poured some Red Wine into her glass. Annaleise filled her cup until it was 2/3 full. She placed a couple of ice cubes in her glass and plonked herself on the couch to watch Netflix. Annaleise decided to watch ‘Me before You’. She sat their and weeped, all the thought of being divorced and her daughter leaving left her thinking she wasn’t loved anymore. Monday morning arrived and Annaleise was still hungover from Friday night drinking. Annaleise just laid her bed, thinking of treating herself to more wine. When Annaleise get’s drunk, she doesn’t feel the heart ache from her recent loses, she feels numbed and all her problems have mended. Skylar rang Annaleise at 2:15pm, Annaleise was off her face, Skylar couldn’t understand a word she was saying, Skylar instantly knew she had been drinking. Skylar said to her mum; “Stay where you are, I’m coming
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