Justification Of State

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Justification for the State

First of all it is important to know some terms related to this topic. What is state and what are elements of a state? State is an organised community living under a single political structure and government, sovereign or constituent. The state has four essential elements: Population, territory, government, sovereignty. Population is it’s first and foremost element. No state can be imagined without the people, as there must be some to rule and others to be ruled. It's difficult to fix the size of population, to have optimal number. Number of 10,000 inhabitants is set like an ideal population. Population can vary and it's a serious problem. Some countries like US or Canada are under population level related to their
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Territory can not be defined as population in a way of ideal size of territory. More important is natural resources and where it is located. Government is the important- indeed, indispensable machinery by mean of which the state maintains its existence, carries on its functions and realise its policies and objectives. Government usually consists of three branches: the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary. Governments regulations and laws are different from country to country, it depends on many factors. The fourth essential element of the state is sovereignty. It is that important element which distinguishes the state from all other associations. A state's sovereignty extends to its territory. The sovereignty of the state over its territory and its people must be accepted as undisputed. When state has all four elements, then it can exists.

Justification for the state refers to the source of legitimate authority for the state or government. It defines why state exists and also some goverment roles. In todays world, there is not accepted justification for the state. Anarchist has their way of it, what we will mention later. Most political ideologies have their own justifications,
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Given the power of the state machine, it would be hard to believe that it could always be simply a tool for the economically dominant minority in a society. Given its structure and powers, it can use them to further its own interests. Indeed, in some circumstances it can be the ruling class itself. Many and many sectors fight for domination or individual profit.Given that the role of the state is to ensure the best conditions for capital as a whole, this means that, when necessary, it can and does work against the interests of certain parts of the capitalist class. . To carry out this function the state needs to be above individual capitalists or companies. This is what can give the state the appearance of being a neutral social institution and can fool people into thinking that it represents the interests of society as a whole.As such, the state is often in conflict with sections of the capitalist class, just as sections of that class use the state to advance their own interests within the general framework of protecting the capitalist system.Thus, even in a class system like capitalism, the state can act independently of the ruling elite and, potentially, act against their interests. As part of its role is to mediate between individual capitalists/corporations, it needs sufficient power to tame them and this requires the state to have some independence from the class whose interests it, in general, defends.Therefore the state machine (and structure), while its

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