Justified In Fahrenheit 451

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In most places, we believe that people are created equal, and therefore everyone should be treated equally. In Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, people aren’t treated equally, where the more intelligent people are removed from society either by death or by prison. During the novel, Montag takes the life of someone who was threatening his property, life, and the life of someone else. He was justified in doing so as well, as most people would like to live and enjoy the different things that they own. Although it is unknown whether Beatty would actually kill Montag or Faber, Montag did end up killing him, and because it was out of defense of himself, his property, and someone else’s life and property, Montag is justified in his actions. In the novel Fahrenheit 451 (F451), the government has banned books, but the government is not to blame as it started with the people. The average person did not have the slightest consideration of books, and the people that did were considered snobby and harmful to society because they became much more intelligent than the average person. During the book, our main character Montag is a firefighter, but instead of putting out fires, they create them. They…show more content…
Queen Marie-Antoinette is quoted saying “let them eat cake” which on the surface sounds fine, but what she is really talking about is terrible. She uses cake in that sense like a stale saltine that has no structure and tastes like moldy bread, and in the time would probably be moldy. Therefore, while the people were starving in the streets, the King and Queen ate actual cake and got paintings of themselves done. Beatty pretty much does the same thing with his quotes, he has the power to say anything that he wants without consequences, but if Montag did, he would have to burn his house down and then go to jail, or worse, be
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