Justified Quotes In Fahrenheit 451

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Even though, we know what is right from wrong in our century, in the book Fahrenheit 451, where the author Ray Bradbury kind of predicts what our lives we're going to be like. He foreshadowed what our society was going to be like. Also the technological advances that we would have. In this book towards the world starts to fall apart for the main character Montag. His fire chief makes him burn his own house down for having illegal books. He is justified in killing his fire chief and running from the law and hiding the books from his wife, because he had nothing to lose and he know what would happen if he was caught. Montag is justified in killing Beatty because he was protecting Faber who was a friend who was innocent. The only thing that Montag…show more content…
He is justified because when Beatty comes to the house to check on Montag he gives him a speech about how all fireman get eager and take a book to see what is so good about it. He is also justified from hiding it from Mildred because if she would have taken the book out from behind the pillow when Beatty was there because she would know longer have her “family” her house, and her and Montag’s belongings. “Let me fix your pillow,” said Mildred “No!” whispered Montag... Mildred’s hand had froze behind the pillow.” The historical evidence I chose to represent when Beatty shows up to Mildred, and Montag’s house is another event from WWII. The event was the attack on Pearl Harbor I chose this not based on the things that happened during the war but based on the fact that Pearl Harbor was a surprise we had no idea that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor. Just as Ray Bradbury in Fahrenheit 451, had Beatty show up out of the blue as a surprise to check on Montag. They relate just as the Americans didn’t know what was coming but neither did Montag and Mildred know that Beatty was going to show up at their front
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