Justin Baldoni Speech

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Justin Baldoni’s talk at TEDWomen 2017 “I am done trying to be ‘Man Enough”conveys how men are expected to behave, treat others due to male stereotypes and what he 's doing to be a better person. Baldoni backs up his speech by sharing personal experiences of male stereotypes from his youth, his adulthood, and how he is learning to overcome them. The speaker 's purpose is to show women and men that male cliches are an issue and that action must be done in order to help redefine masculinity. Baldoni’s personal experiences and the emotive language used creates a reliable source and can be used as a valid source unless it is for a topic such as masculinity, equality, and feminism in a college paper.
Justin Baldoni first gets his audience 's attention and strikes with emotional experiences from his childhood. Baldoni says “for as long as I can remember, I’ve been told the kind of man I should be(2:06).” Baldoni sets up an emotional foundation which allows for his audience to feel the emotions he felt at that time, which makes his experience credible. Moreover, the actor recalled that in order to fit in with other young boys, he had to “acquire” a very “disgusted view” on women (2:10). The speaker here exposses the audience to a very common perspective on women which validates him as a reliable …show more content…

Just like Justin Baldoni expressed, society needs to avoid cliches in order to teach men that is okay to have emotions. Baldoni’s TED talk can be used in college research along with another source which should contain data. Although Baldoni does not offer data, he offers his personal expeirences along with other mens as a child and as an adult. His credibility also excels when he uses emotional language because it allows his audience to connect with audience. Although this source is credible, it could only be used for a few topics due to its lack of data. But Baldoni does offer enough personal experiences and emotive language to use it as a

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