Justin Hunter Domestic Cat Analysis

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Cats are interesting animals. They are mainly meat eaters although their owners feed them a diet of dry cat food that contributes to many illnesses. In “Warriors, Forest of Secrets” by Erin Hunter the cats thrive on a rich meat diet and steer clear from humans. Contrastingly, in Michael W. Fox’s “Domestic cat” he states that cats dont get the correct nutrients. Hunter’s purpose is to entertain by painting pictures in your head and Michael w fox’s purpose is to inform by giving you information. The cats in these two resources live very different lives. In the book the cats hunt to feed their clan and have a designated place to put their fresh kill.* A domesticated cat is served any time it 's hungry. They are fed brown pellets* that aren 't even nutritious in a bowl thats always available. Next, shelter for the wild cats is in bushes they have outfitted with a nest lined with moss compared to a soft plush bed or laying down in a bed of endless fluff (blankets). Lastly, human interaction with wild cats is non-existent while a domesticated cat is always around humans being petted, fed, loved, and given shelter, food, and water every single day of their lives.…show more content…
Erin Hunter’s purpose is to entertain. In “Warriors”, Hunter paints amazingly vivid pictures with her use of colorful words and imagery. “Cold gripped the forest, fields, and moorlands like an icy claw. Snow covered everything, glittering faintly under a new moon.” is a great example of her use of words. Contrastingly, Michael W. Fox’s purpose is to inform. In the article “Domestic Cat” he tells facts about cat behavior, heredity, and attributes like “Domestic cats should have a diet similar to that of their wild relatives. They are adapted by nature to be flesh
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