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During the super bowl half time show Justin Timberlake was chosen to perform and during one point of the show he was walking around in the stands and towards the end of his performance. One young kid took a selfie with Justin while he was singing. He looked so out of place and once the super bowl was over he blew up and his picture was turned into a meme. He was a young kid and there is no way he has any knowledge of who Justin Timberlake is nor has he heard any of his music. One of the more popular memes was the picture of him with a google search open with the words typed in "who is Justin Timberlake" The intended audience for my artifact are the fans and people watching the super bowl, people who like memes, and the everyday person. After the super bowl everyone turned to twitter and other social media websites and then people would read comments about the game and what people and the players had to say about the previous game.…show more content…
The meme is funny because he was so excited to take a selfie with Justin Timberlake and probably had no idea who he was because of his age. After a few days people who were creating the memes shifted from Justin to regular every day sayings and problems. One of the other memes was his mom texting him that the pizza rolls were done and that he had to leave the super bowl to go eat. The picture is broad and people could really edit it and make it say anything they wanted to. I think it is pretty effective. When I first saw the meme, I thought it was hilarious. I showed so many people and everyone laughed. The next day I went to go show my friends and they said that they had already saw the meme and other version of it. Overnight it got even bigger than it was the day before which I thought was amazing. The power of social media is incredible and how fast that meme spread is even more incredible. I think that this meme will be remembered for a while and will be one of the more popular

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