Justin Smith Morrill's Influence On American Society

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Land Grant Universities were an immense influence on American society. Individually, students are allowed to contribute, while land grants provide the collaboration and the means to achieve our society’s goals. Justin Smith Morrill dedicated his life to starting and improving the Land Grant Universities. Morrill’s contributions led to the success of the land grant institutions. Education was paramount to him, as he wanted the working class to benefit from education, so that the entire country could have a sense of peace and prosperity. Gender Equality Land grants were thought of as the ‘People’s college’ and by 1870 that included women. The end of World War II is when most people think of women entering the workforce and gaining equality outside the home. After the war society realized we were leaving half of the intellectual beings at home and if the United States was going to become a world super power we needed everyone to grow the economy. In reality Women’s Rights movement was 1848 to 1920, and there was also the Feminist Movement of the 1960’s and 70’s. Civil Rights In 1890 the Morrill Act II allowed African Americans to go to land grant universities. Some states were still segregated, therefore additional land grants open for…show more content…
The turn of the century saw the institutions gaining credibility and introducing new names. The universities focused on local Agricultural research for each state. Reaching out to the communities and allowing them to benefit from their research and work. Agricultural extension taught pest control and fertilizer applications. Nearly all Agricultural products have been improved or influenced by land grants. Engineering programs was funded by industries that were supported by universities research and work. Home Economics promoted nutrition information and new home appliances. Extension staff was also was able to assist with community

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