Justin Trudeau: An Inspirational Role Model

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vJustin Trudeau is Inspiring Others Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has created a diverse Cabinet for the first time in Canadian history. He has balanced out the genders in the Cabinet ministers and included different nationalities. He is making Canada proud and portraying it in a positive manner. Justin Trudeau is an inspiring role model to many countries. In the Cabinet, there are many cultures included: Sikh, Natives, French, Canadian, Syrian, Indian, Persian and more. Each of the Ministers are unique for who they are. Some are university professors, company owners, journalists and more. Trudeau recruited some of his members from the Liberal party for this opportunity. Trudeau took an equal amount of women and men; the ratio is 15:15. The Cabinet included 2 Aboriginals, 18 rookies, 2 with disabilities and 5 visible minorities. One minister named Amarjeet Sohi is the reason why, Trudeau started a multiculturalism Cabinet. Amarjeet was a political prisoner in India. He was doing volunteer development work and got arrested. He was accused of being a terrorist and was put in jail. He was tortured and remained for 2 years. Trudeau believed that this is how Canada should look like; people with different background stories, coming together as one. And that’s when he began his search for ministers. This event has caused a boost in immigration; people believe that Canada seems more accepting with a variety of races. The government of Canada statistics prove, that the population increased by 0.80% after Trudeau became prime minister. This may seem like a small…show more content…
His group of ministers will not only improve Canada, but also help other countries in need. A funny story was, that on the day of the announcement, a provoking question was raised by the crowd,‘’Why did you chose a gender balanced government?’’ And Trudeau stated, ‘’Because it’s 2015, time for real

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