Justin Trudeau Rhetorical Analysis

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Good evening everybody, hope all is well with each and every one of you. I am Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and I am the second youngest Prime Minister in the history of our great country of Canda. Our ancestors dates back to our Founding Fathers. I was born in a loving Christian family and our father before becoming a Prime Minister, was working in a bank. He completed his duties with honesty, integrity and dignity for endless decades. Our mother is from the Great State of Massachusetts. She did mention once or twice, that Senator Elizabeth Ann Warren and her are blood related. Our mother side's owns a paper factory, stamping history on pieces of paper and will continue to stamp history until the eternity. I am smart. I am handsome. I am charming with a divine, godly…show more content…
You show me one like me. I do have a record of 97% approval, and I would like to ask individuals and leaders around the world to please help me maintain it at 97%. I may be even kinder than His Holiness. I can not answer on behalf of His HonorableI. You just have to be a little patient. Although as we can see, I am not even anywhere close to Him. The Canadian people and I, including Minister Monsef and Her Excellency, always trying to reach out to the needy people in our country and countries around the globe. What His Honorable and His Holiness think of me? You tell me. I think it will be an insult to everyone intelligence, if I express the feelings of America's First Lady, and the President of the United States. I promise not to mention anything about the Second Lady, Vice President Biden, President Clinton and America's next President. Mayors from East to West, South to North, will be discussed at later time, including Presidents, Chancellors, His and Her Majesties, and His and Her Excellencies. I am involved in an organization called, The Right Honorable. I performed in a movie called, The Great
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