Justin Trudeau Win Canada Rhetorical Analysis

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Zachary Moreno

This article talks about how Justin Trudeau won Canada’s election as a liberal. Justin is actually is the former prime minster Pierre Trudeau’s son, who was in office from the 60s to 80s .This was different than last election when that had a terrible electoral showing, where they had only 34 of the 338 seats in the house of commons. This election they have 184 seats. People say that he won because he had a positive campaign without throwing mud at other contestants and the facet some people did not like the current Prime minster Harper. The article also talks about why people were unhappy with Harper. First was feelings against Islam or some people would consider Islamophobia. He wanted to make a ban on the Niqab which is the veil worn by some muslim women. One major issue to Canadians is the rise in muslim immigration (which might be our fault) and the paranoia of terrorism. Trudeau and his leaders stated the dangers of using these kind of blanket statements like “Canada’s anti-Semitism in the 30s and 40s”. Trudeau won the muslim vote by campaigning in sikh temples and supporting woman wearing hijabs. Trudeau explained that Canada’s population has more immigrants than even the U.S. aka the melting pot. He stated ”We know our enviable, inclusive society
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We consider the U.S. to be the melting pot of people/cultures, but Minster Trudeau claims that Canada has a higher rate of foreign-born citizens than the U.S. Harper wanted to Ban the niqab, which is a face veil that some Muslim women wear at public ceremonies. Harper hoping that the people would assimilate to their culture. It seems even in Canada that there has been a push of fear over Islam/Muslim immigrants. Minster Trudeau took the stance of embracing the Muslim immigrants that want to live in their country. He wanted his people to know that everyone can make a country great no matter what they believe
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