Justin Verlander's Domination In Sports

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Have you ever wondered what it 's like to witness complete domination in sports? Look no further than Justin Verlander. The 6 time all-star has won a Cy Young, League MVP, Triple Crown, and has thrown two no-hitters in his current 13 year career. Justin Verlander is one of the most dominant and feared pitchers in all of baseball, but Justin is still searching for that one thing and that is a World Series championship. While he is all business on the mound his normal everyday life consists of fast cars, a smoking hot fiancée and luxury. Justin Verlander was born February 20th, 1983 in Manakin-sabot, Virginia which is just outside of Richmond. He is the son to Richard and Kathy Verlander and the older brother to minor league baseball player Ben Verlander. At an early age Justin 's father had seen a lot of potential in his abilty to throw when Justin launched a rock across and rather large pond. Richard Verlander spent a lot of time when Justin was young working on his baseball skills to get him to the next level. When Justin was 9 years old he played in a youth league near Richmond. Justin had amazing velocity and his pitches but did not have any control which made other kids not even want to get near the plate. When Justin got into high school his father sent him to Richmond Baseball Academy…show more content…
Now thinking back to the kid throwing stones over a pond, and looking now to that same kid just grown up a little bit, it really has been a journey for Justin Verlander. Justin 's career has been immortalized as one of the greatest of all time. With the support of his family, Fiancée Kate Upton, all the way to the fans in Detroit just like myslef, Justin Verlander is getting to live the dream of being a great pitcher, and a future hall of famer. From the Cy Young, to All-Star games, even throwing the no- hitters, Justin Verlanders legacy of being one of the greatest Detroit Tigers of all time is at its peak of realization. Justin 's next goal... bringing the title home to
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