Justinian The Great Thesis

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Justinian the Great also known as Saint Justinian the Great was a Byzantine Emperor that ruled the Eastern Roman empire from 527-565. Justinian was believed to be born around August 1, 482 to

his mother Vigilantia and his father Sabbatius. He was born in Tauresium, Dardania. Justinian lived until

he was about 82/83 years old, and died on November 15, 565. Justinian was thought to be adopted by

his uncle Justin. Justinian 's family includes Theodora, his spouse, his uncle Justin I, his nephew justin II,

his mom and dad, and his sister Vigilantia. At his death he left behind no children. Justinian was well

educated due to his uncle adopting him and taking him to COnstantinople for education. Justinian 's

education was
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Before Justinian was emperor citizens wanted him to be leader because he was born with

intelligence, energy, and ambition. People had said he was born to lead. His uncle Justin I became Emperor upon Anastasius’ death in 518. He reigned from 518-527. Justinian was his uncles

right hand man. Justin started being forgetful at the end of his ruling. Justinian took over. Justinian

became emperor August 1, 527 upon his uncle’s death.

Justinian died of natural causes when he was in his 80s. When the bubonic plague ravished the

land Justinian did catch it. He got very sick. But he recovered from it. His wife Theodora died 20 years

before him from what they say was cancer.
He was the last latin speaker who was the emperor of Rome. Also, he was one of the greatest

rulers of Rome and that mostly everyone loved him. He also was a very amazing with little children and

was very fare. He helped people who didn 't have as much money and gave them free food and water.

Also, he was a person who believed in different religion. His time of emperor was very good and

peaceful. He was an energetic ruler who rarely gave up on a task until it was fully complete.He

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