Juvenile Aggression Replacement Research Paper

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Twenty years ago Arnold Goldstein came up with the concept of, Aggression Replacement Training, also known as ART. Over the past two decades the concept of replacing violent, aggressive, or antisocial behavior with prosocial skills has been proven to be very effective. I have chosen to incorporate the same concept of replacing aggressive behavior, but I’d like to tailor it around aggressive juveniles, my program would be called, Juvenile Aggression Replacement and Education. The main goals of the program would be to teach juveniles how to control their emotions and violent out spurts, reduce aggression and violence amongst the juveniles in the program, teach juveniles “prosocial skills” that can replace the aggressive behavior, and reduce recidivism amongst juveniles with a past crime history and prevent any future crimes for the juveniles who do not have a criminal record. The program would be targeted towards anyone between the ages of eleven to seventeen, who have been found to be very aggressive and violent, minus those accused of murder or sexual assualt. This program would allow juveniles with a criminal record to participate, but it would also be open to those who may not have a record, but struggle to control their emotions, even if this lack of self-control is due to some disorder. The reason I’ve chosen to focus on juveniles is, because catching aggressive behavior or violent tendencies while a person is still…show more content…
In comparison, a local juvenile court spent $13,466 for the average youth served. In a typical year, ADP provides services to 144 youth and the county juvenile court system serves 375 youths. The difference in cost of serving 144 youths in ADP versus traditional juvenile court results in a savings of approximately $1,799,104 per year (Sturza and Williams

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