Juvenile Court System Analysis

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What are the conditions that allow a juvenile to transfer into the adult court system? Nevertheless, there are times and situations that involve a juvenile to be transferred to the adult court system. Nonetheless, this transfer is done through a process called a waiver. Nevertheless, when a waiver is granted, the juvenile judge is waiving the protections provided by that of a juvenile court. Consequently, there are different considerations that a judge may consider when deciding if to transfer a juvenile to the adult court system. However, some of these instances include more serious crimes and/or minors who have been in trouble before. Moreover, an extremely violent juvenile and the threat they pose to others has forced state legislators to pass laws that allow juveniles to be transferred or waived to the adult court system. Subsequently, the background of a juvenile offender is taken into consideration when deciding where the juvenile will be tried. Age, maturity of the child, the child’s relationship with the parents, school and community are many of the things considered in the decision-making process. “Under Tennessee's current system, juvenile court judges and magistrates' are faced with the unenviable task of deciding whether to attempt to rehabilitate juvenile offenders or introduce them to the adult criminal justice system at a very young age. In many cases, the juvenile court judges exercise no discretion in their decision to transfer juvenile offenders charged with more serious offenses” (Horne,& Bedini,2014). Consequently, they evaluate whether the child is…show more content…
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