Juvenile Delinquency In Australia

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Juvenile delinquency usually refers to an offence perpetrated by a juvenile. The term “Juvenile delinquent” was established legally in order to save juveniles from the social stigma of being classified in legal records. According to an official report of Australian Institute of Criminology, juvenile offender rates have generally been twice as high as adult ones (Australian Institute of Criminology, 2015). According to Australian bureau of statistics youth offenders comprised nearly a third (29%) of the total offender population, well above this age group 's proportion in the overall Australian population (15%) (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2012). This research will primarily focus on three major issues which can be held responsible
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Factors like maltreatment in childhood, neighbourhood disadvantage and poor monitoring in adolescents need to be scrutinized in this research. A childhood with trauma and even poor parenting can contribute towards the onset of criminal behaviour in a child or adolescent. A child’s relationship with his/her parents can be a deciding factor which can shape the future of a child. The issue of juvenile delinquency has been plaguing the society since a long time. We need to understand the underlying factors which transform innocent young people into criminal offenders. Many people still debate if juvenile offences should be excused or should they be treated as an adult offence however instead of this debate we should try to root out the factors which play the role of a catalyst in formation of juvenile delinquents.
Why is this research necessary
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