Juvenile Delinquency In UAE

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As a dominantly Muslim nation, the UAE’s national policies are constructed in accordance to the Sharia law, and any action that violates such law is considered an act of criminal behavior. Murder, theft, sex outside of marriage and alcohol related offenses are prime examples of crimes that children in the UAE are detained for, and punishments vary according to the severity of the offense. The nation has seen a steady increase in the number of juvenile offenders, for example, juvenile delinquency rates increased by 38 percent from 2008 to 2009 according to a study published by the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research which has contributed to the rise of civilian demand for the drafting of proper infrastructure addressing juvenile delinquency.…show more content…
Moreover, there have been reports of a comprehensive juvenile delinquency act being under draft in order to provide for a non-violent method into addressing the issue juvenile offenders; however, the passage of such act remains unverified. UAE is aware of the violent conditions that surround detained children, including sexual exploitation, trafficking, interrogations in the absence of legal guardians, etc. The UAE Constitution primarily addresses the issue of child exploitation as it “provides that society shall be responsible for protecting childhood and motherhood, and shall protect minors and others unable to look after themselves” (Article 16). However, with the rise of terrorist activities in the surrounding region, the nation is compelled to put any suspected collaborators into legal custody, regardless of their age, gender, religion,
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