Juvenile Delinquents Case Study

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Juvenile Delinquents
Knox County Career Canter (KCCC) has a special place in my heart and in my life. It is where I went to high school my junior and senior year. While I attended, it was under a different administration and I experienced the discipline first hand. While I attended, the administration was harsh and was quick to expel, thus making it difficult for students to succeed and graduate once in trouble. In 2014 Mrs. Kathy Greenich became the superannuant and brought a new way of thinking to the discsapline of the students.
Kathy Greenich
Kathy Greenich attended Mount Vernon Nazarene College graduating in 1989 with her degree in education and in 1995 she graduated from Trevecca Nazarene College with her master’s in education administration.
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These issues can range anywhere from fist fights, drug problems, altercations with teachers, horse play gone wrong, or weapon policy violations. Students are normally repeat offenders and are limited to the amount of time that they can miss before they cannot graduate. One of the things that Kathy has made sure that her administrative team conciders with dealing with the students is the problem they are handling most likely stems from a problem at home. The incident that they are handling has underlaying causes that also need addressed if possible to make an acutual positive change in the students life.
One of the most dangerous and prevalent problems in the school system is drugs. The drugs that Kathy runs into at KCCC is marijuana and prescription drugs. The way that students get caught is other students telling an adult, coming to school high, or K-9 units going through the school. Students can be required to take a drug test instead of immediately getting in trouble for being high if they truly are not.
How drugs are
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The student either gets sent to in school suspension or their guardian is called to pick up the student. The student will wait in in school suspension until someone comes to retrieve them. After students have missed over 10 days of school they can no longer graduate normally in order for them to be able to still graduate they can be sent to the alternative center in order to finish their schooling. Lesser punishments include the freedom center which is a treatment facility for Tabaco and Alcohol in Knox County, also in school suspension and out of school suspensions. The students can be required to go to counsaling after their punishment is over in order to promote a change in their lives.
Handicapped Students
There are certain mental disabilities that can cause problems in schools. When a student does something wrong and they have a disability, a hearing has to be held to decide if their disability caused the problem or not. If it their disability did not cause the incident then they can be disciplined accordably. Everyone

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