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Discussion 1_ Going Straight
Explanation of the Four “H’s” as they Relate the Society
Bartollas & Miller (2014), identify four key components that are critical to facilitating a juveniles’ ability to turn their lives around for the better. These four essential components included habilitation, healing, hope, and honor.
Habilitation involves teaching juveniles to respect the system and abide by its principles and conventions. It helps juveniles appreciate the importance of living productively within the community, and assist the juvenile become a better citizen in order to be released into the community. Habilitation embroils teaching the juvenile the essential skills to getting along with others as well as be accountable for their behavior. Through habilitation, a juvenile will be prudent to admit their mistakes, take responsibility for it and come up with steps to handle and resolve the mistakes.
Healing is founded on the assumption that criminal behavior is a product of some hurt experienced by the delinquent juvenile. That is, criminal conduct is a channel through which juveniles cry out for attention from the community as a result of the hurt. Healing recognizes that treating the symptoms can only accomplish so much; therefore, dealing with the root cause is the only approach that can inhibit the juvenile from recidivating.
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Physical healing is plain and evident and is addressed through the provision of healthcare. Physical healing is left under the care of medical practitioners such as doctors, nurses, and clinicians. On the other hand, emotional healing can reflect a deeper hurt which if not addressed completely will act as stimuli for future delinquency. It can be provided by psychiatrists, professional social workers, psychologist, and case workers. Healing can be achieved through tools such as psychotherapy and school outreach programs, and provision of psychological care to

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