Juvenile Justice Career Essay

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During my college career I have been doing a wide variety of writing. All of which have assisted shaping as well as molding me into an effective writer. Some of the classes that helped improve my limits to excel as a writer are my English 280 class, intro to Computer Science class, and lastly Juvenile Justice Class. I have done a few segments of writing in the three semesters of law enforcement class that I have taken here at WIU. Never would I have thought that the three major writing assignments that would shape and influence me into the writer I am today would come from of my LEJA classes, but they have. From a research paper about police obstructing evidence to a flyer about helping today’s youth. One of the assignments that I was assigned in my juvenile justice class was to write a pamphlet on what career we would want to have after graduation. My career of choice would be a correctional officer. For starters, I have no clue what the formal set up of a pamphlet should be, so I approached this assignment vulnerably blind-sighted. After minutes of guessing what the subject matter in a pamphlet should be, I took it…show more content…
We had to choose a case that we felt the police did not follow protocol and obstructed evidence. To my surprise, while researching for a case to write about, I came across a few cases where the police actions were unjust. I chose a case of a young girl who was taken into custody and was “released” but was never found alive again. For this paper I had to expand my research and check google for some facts in regards to her arrest and what the victim was doing on the day she was processed and released from the station. Once again I was put into another mind set, but this time is was a little different. I never researched something that made police be viewed in a negative light, especially something about their
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