Juvenile Justice Center Argumentative Essay

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Jade Mimoso 9/10/15 Argumentative Essay 1 Do you think that Juvenile Justice Centers are beneficial for troubled teens? Well, they actually aren’t beneficial at all. I don’t think that they are beneficial because, some centers don’t help the troubled teens get on track, the center doesn’t have the same educational standards as regular schooling, and most of the kids that get out are still troubled. Let me explain why. For Starters, the Juvenile Justice center doesn’t help some of the troubled teens. According to “Report: Juvenile justice system schools “do more harm than good”, it states, “Overall, 30 percent reported they had been physically or sexually abused, 37 percent had problems with hearing, sight or teeth, and 20 percent “wished they were dead,” according to the report.” So not only are the teens not being helped out, but they are getting abused physically and sexually. Some of these teens were probably bullied or are having trouble at home. If these teens were to get the proper help they needed they most likely wouldn’t be harming themselves or anyone. The report found that most of the students there has learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral…show more content…
The troubled teens aren’t learning the right amount of education they need. They are actually learning less than the average student. The author of “Report: Juvenile justice system schools “do more harm than good” says, “The education provided to the 70,000 juveniles incarcerated on any given day across the nation is “substandard” and “is setting them even further back in their ability to turn their lives around,” according to a report released today by the Southern Education Foundation.” Not one, Not two, but 70,000 juveniles are being set back in the education that’s being provided in the system. These juveniles can’t turn their lives around if they aren’t getting the proper
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