Juvenile Justice Issues Essay

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Juvenile Justice Issues
In today’s society the youth generation seems to be facing some problems that there is no solution for. Juveniles are participating in many wrongdoing activities that they are not being held accountable for. I see many gray areas when it comes to the juveniles justice system and I strongly believe there should be changes made in order to help these juveniles be deterred from such behavior so they do not continue down a path that can affect the rest of their lives.
The first issue I have found is truancy. This issue has recently been in the news across Texas because the law having to do with truancy has recently changed for the state. The legislature passed a senate bill and “truancy was changed from a criminal
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This is simply because the juvenile justice systems seems to focus more on rehabilitation rather than punishment. I understand that juveniles’ minds are not fully developed therefore that is why they may not comprehend all of theirs actions and what consequences there are for participating in criminal mischief/activity. Rehabilitation gives juveniles a chance to learn from their mistakes and actions. Although I understand and highly agree with the rehabilitation process, I think stricter/serious punishments should be completed first, and then the rehabilitation process should start. The reason I think this is because juvenile offenders may not be deterred from crime if they are not held accountable for their actions. They will think, “oh probation is not that bad” and will not fear the consequences when it comes to committing more criminal mischief/activity. I understand we should give juveniles a second chance, however if we are too easy on them the first go around they will not learn from their mistakes. This is why I firmly believe stricter/serious punishments would be more effective in the juvenile justice system if put into play
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