Juvenile Justice System Pros And Cons Essay

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Juvenile Experimentation and Consequences In today’s society, juveniles are being prosecuted more and more for crimes that they commit as teenagers, and even pre-teenagers. To quote Mrs. Frizzle, a child should “take chances, make mistakes, and get messy”, but in today’s society that is discouraged, and can even lead to lifelong consequences. The government views juveniles as always self aware, and can give people sentences for crimes that they commit when they are children that ruin their whole lives. The influence of government on juvenile justice is too strong, because of the lifelong consequences experimentation and mistakes can have on an adolescent. The act of sexual intercourse is a natural occurrence. Our bodies mature at a certain age (when we hit puberty), and then we are inexplicably driven to have sex, or reproduce. Sex has been a very accepted and honored act in past civilizations. Where once it was acceptable to start a family at fifteen years old, now it is not acceptable to even get married until you are eighteen, and even that is frowned upon. The…show more content…
There are many aspects of it that help preserve the well-being of juveniles. With every system there are pros and cons, and the juvenile justice system is no different. Although there are many things that the juvenile system helps by being a part of, there are as many things that are made worse by the system. Being understanding of juvenile mistakes and being sympathetic to them as well will help children be able to develop their lives in the future. Being able to grasp the fact that teenage brains are still developing will help with the sentencing of adolescents. Being aware that everyone makes mistakes, and the mistakes that adolescents make are ones that they use to help themselves grow in their lives later on will help drastically. The implementation of these ideas will help teens and children be affected by the juvenile justice system in a positive
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