Juvenile Law Abolish

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Discussion about The Juveniles Law: Abolish vs Maintain As Juveniles crimes are increasing, there is criticism that the punishment for juvenile offenders is too soft. In recent years of Korea, juvenile crimes has proved that juvenile offenders became crueler than ever. The case of Busan juvenile violent crime was committed by five middle school students. The victim was their friend. They beat her six hours and threaten her with scissors. However, this is not only big problem in the South Korea, but also in the United States. According to the research of Police Department, between 1980 and 2005, 43,621 juveniles were arrested for murder in the United States. The picture is just as bleak with respect to arrests for 109,563 rapes, 818,276 robberies,…show more content…
They said, “The Juveniles Law protect criminals more than victims.” However, they are also victims of bad neighbors and environment. About the California’s proposition 21 results, it was very counterproductive. Juveniles who serve time with adults has a higher recidivism rates than those who serve with other juveniles, and they are abused in the jail sexually and physically by adult prisoners (97). Even though they committed crimes, this society should not allow let juvenile criminals to be abused by adult prisoners. Psychologically juveniles have uncomplete identities and they are influenced by society where they belonged. Legally, if un-perfect identity who is huge influenced by society committed crime, the society has more responsible than individual for that crime. “Even if young person committed crime once, this society should prevent growing him up as a criminal. This society has responsibility for reformation of young man to a good man. That is the Juveniles Law’s will” (Bernard). The Juvenile offender’s trial should be focused on reformation, not on punishment. Therefore, ‘Sentence juveniles to life without parole’ is completely against the Juveniles Law’s will. It must always give a second chance to juvenile criminal for reformation. As long as we share the value of juveniles, the Juvenile Law should not be abolished or amended. Otherwise, Juvenile criminal’s social problem should be fixed with another way. Abolish or revise the Juveniles Law can’t be answer. Family, school, even police officers have to take care of them and treat them (962). They are our children. If this society wants them to grow up good citizens, their environment must be
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