Juvenile Probation Officer Narrative Report

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I couldn 't be more grateful for the opportunity to experience Taylor County Juvenile Probation Department. Unfortunately, my internship did not start until the end of March due to a departmental audit. However, the experience and exposure I got within a month was enough to give the insight and information I needed in order to truly understand the job of a juvenile probation officer. What I had previous read in educational books regarding juvenile probation does not compare to the knowledge I gained when working with the Taylor County Juvenile Probation Department. During this month I had exposure to department policies, juvenile detention and probation, court hearings, intake, and the Taylor County Learning Center (TCLC). I was fortunate enough…show more content…
The database included demographics, crime committed, weekly meetings, detailed phone calls, and incident reports. There was also an area which indicated their likelihood to abuse drugs or alcohol and their mental state or concerns as indicated by a series of questions. Reports included family history and income. The files I was exposed to involved juveniles who had committed heinous crimes. Most of these crimes included murder or aggravated sexual assault. Most if not all of these children were sent to TJJD or given a determinant sentence as they were tried as an adult. The youngest offender I was exposed to was 10 years old. He was sent to TJJD and wont be released for another five to six years. When he is released the state will have to determine what they plan to do. In the information I received his mom has no involvement in his case and wants nothing to do with him. These cases are hard handle as the crime is so serious that the publics safety is questioned if this child is released. However, I question whether these children are given the opportunity to be rehabilitated in a setting like TJJD. When talking with the juvenile probation officer responsible for TJJD cases, her response was that these children showed very little indication that rehabilitation would be effective and with the offense they committed community resources were not suggested or…show more content…
This child was on probation for an assault of a public servant; however, the circumstances which surrounded her case lead the probation officer to believe her needs would be better addressed in a mental health facility and not juvenile probation. Her efforts to get the child help were exhausting as she did not have the proper documents or information to get this child the help she needed. The reason for our “crisis run” was because the child had threatened to kill herself. When we arrived at Jefferson Center, she was handcuffed in the back of the police car. However, after the child had calmed down the handcuffs were removed. The school had called her mom and requested her appearance as they continued to decided how to best handle the situation. After talking with the school counselor it was evident that during the weekend this child had violated probation. However, because the probation officer felt her needs would be better met in a mental health facility, the probation officer requested that the child be taken to Oceans Behavioral Hospital. Overall, I was very impressed with the way the child was handled and appreciated the approach taken by the probation
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