Juveniles Are Not Tried In Criminal Court Essay

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There have been many times over the years where a child commits a crime and they either get the punishment of a child or they get the punishment of an adult depending on their age, or depending on what the crime they committed was. If you send a child to adult prison it is a lot more harsh than juve so they have to be kept from the other inmates because it is too dangerous for them to be around them. The children transferred to criminal court were less likely to commit the same crime than those who went through the juvenile system. The children who re offended offended sooner and more often than the children who were tried in the juvenile court. In some states if the child is convicted in criminal court they can plead insanity and get out of the of the sentence they would be facing.…show more content…
The ones in the juvenile system often reoffend and end up back in the same place. If the juveniles aren’t tried in adult court for serious crimes their punishment won’t be as long and they will commit the crime again and again. The crimes that the children commit would probably go down if they are tried in the adult court. Some of the children that were transferred to criminal court were more likely to be convicted and receive periods of incarceration. If juveniles aren’t tried in adult court they get off of the crime they committed easier. There are many children who recommit the crime after they are released from juvenile detention, and the ones released from jail are less likely to the crimes they did before. If the children are tried in adult court they are more likely to be sentenced to periods of incarceration. If a child is tried in adult court or in criminal court depends on what the crime was and how old the person offending was. The children who commit serious that aren’t tried in criminal court often reoffend and end up back where they were
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