Juveniles Don T Deserve Life Sentence Essay

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The concept of justice is very important in modern society. Since one is born, they are taught how to act; and as they grow up, they’re taught the difference between right and wrong. They learn about ethics and morals in the process of socialization. There are laws, policies, and norms that must be followed in order to live in a functioning society. Nobody is supposed to be exempt from this, so what should be done when one breaks this rules? Specifically, when this is done by a teenager. Should they get harshly punished, or do they deserve a second chance? Juveniles who commit crimes should not be given life sentences. Teenagers do not deserve to get life sentences because their brains are not fully developed yet. The human brain does not stop…show more content…
It ruins the offender’s life and does nothing to help them rehabilitate. They do not learn to do better when they are locked with thousands of other prisoners for the rest of their lives. They cannot recover without the hope of getting out of prison. They think there is no reason to even try. As Gail Garinger stated on his article Juveniles Don’t Deserve Life Sentences, adolescents sentenced to die in prisons “were told that they could never change and that no one cared what became of them.” He explains how these kids are “left without help or hope.” This means that juveniles who get sentenced to life in prison do not have the opportunity to educate themselves, rehabilitate, or enjoy life again. They are simply existing inside four walls that separate them from the real world. This is not a proper punishment for juveniles. They do not learn or change when they are sentenced to life without parole. They just become more violent or develop mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety. It does not help. Juveniles who commit crimes should be given shorter sentences instead of life in prison so they can actually recover and improve their
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