Juveniles Should Be Convicted As Adults For Violent Crimes Essay

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Juveniles should be convicted as adults for violent crimes because it is not fair for juveniles to commit big crimes and get away with it so easily. If they want to act like adults, they should be treated. Some teens commit crimes and don't have a really good excuse on why they do it. In the article “On Punishment and Teen Killers” by Jennifer Jenkins she explains how the teenager that killed her sister, husband and her unborn child excuse of killing them was that he just wanted to “see what it would feel like to shoot someone”, which is no good excuse for what he did to this family. Another example from Jennifer's Jenkins article she states how “undeveloped brain” has nothing to do with teens committing these crimes. If an “undeveloped brain” was the case then teens would kill at roughly the same rates all over the world, which is not. Some of these teens think they can get away with some of these crimes which leads to commit more. In Jennifer's article she explains one of her case with a serial killer. His parents will fix everything whenever he got in trouble. After series of other …show more content…

They also believe that that some of these teens are committing crimes because they are going through a rough time in there and when they commit to these crimes they don't know what they are doing and later on regret it. They are not fully grown to understand the crimes they're committing. Although some people believe that kids don't know what they are doing when they commit these crimes, they also have to think about the consequences. If they murder someone just because they don't know what they are doing or because they are going through a “rough” time, they just make the situation worse. They take away another person live that didn't deserve to die and a family has to pay the consequences because they are the ones that have to deal with

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