Juveniles Should Be Sent To Life In Prison Essay

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“juvenile offenders cannot with reliability be classified among the worst offenders”: they are less mature, more vulnerable to peer pressure, cannot escape from dangerous environments, and their characters are still in formation (Juveniles Don’t Deserve Life Sentences). I understand why juveniles are less mature and not as aware as adults, but they should know the difference between right and wrong. If a juvenile is of the age 10 and up, than they should have the mindset to know what the right and wrong thing to do is. When a juvenile engages in an atrocious crime they should know why they did. Juveniles that commit heinous crimes, such as murder, should be sentenced to life in prison because their mind is developed enough to where they are conscious of what they are performing. When juveniles commit crimes, people say they are not fully aware of what they are implementing. People also say that juveniles should not be sent to life in prison because they haven’t lived their full life and they need to experience more within the world. What they have not noticed is that they need to somehow learn from their mistakes. How are they going to learn if they supposably “do not” know what they did…show more content…
If a person is sentenced to prison for life without parole than that means they have a higher chance of not leaving. If you are sentenced to life with parole than you are able to work your way out, but it can take as long as a few years. In order to get out of prison early, you have to contain good behavior for a certain amount of time, than the federal government decides if you should be released early or not. Juveniles that are sentenced to prison for life without parole is wrong. If they are sentenced to life without parole than how do they have a chance of learning from their mistakes when they are being held in a fenced
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