Juveniles Should Be Tried As Adults Essay

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In our society, crimes are being committed not only by adults but by juveniles as well. By law as soon as a person turns 18 they are considered to be an adult. So what if an adult and a juvenile were to commit the same crime yet were sentenced differently simply based on the fact that one is a child and one is an adult? Juveniles are committing violent crimes just as adults and should be given the equal treatment and sentencing as adults receive. Juveniles aren’t completely ignorant as everyone seems to think. In fact they are quite clever. If juveniles are capable of committing heinous crimes who knows what else they are capable of. Yet not all crimes juveniles execute aren’t evil crimes and should not be treated in such a harsh way. Juveniles should be tried as …show more content…

Even children have the capability to act and think the way as an adult would. Juveniles need to be held accountable for their actions because it was their actions that caused for them to be put in such a situation. 13 year old Derek King and his 12 year old brother, Alex, were being charged of bludgeoning their father, Terry King, to death. In the book, “Angels of Death,” by Gary C. King stated, “I hit him once and then I heard him moan and then I was afraid that he might wake up and see us, so I just kept on hitting him...I threw the bat on the bed, lit the bed on fire because I was scared of the [evidence] and everything. Scared of getting caught…” (41-43). Just because these boys were young does not make it acceptable for them to not be punished for their actions. They clearly knew that they were gonna perform this act and had an attempt to get rid of what they did. These boys thought as adult would understanding that if they were caught they would be in severe trouble. In order to prevent that from happening they wanted to get rid of what might have been used against

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