Juveniles Should Be Tried In Adult Prisons

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Throughout the year, over 10,000 children in the United States are placed in adult prisons and jails. Children of any age depending of the circumstances can be placed in adult prisons surrounded with offenders who have done some heinous crimes.This can be a problem because the adults can delude the children between what is right and wrong. Juveniles should not be placed in an adult penitentiary due to the lack of morals being taught to them, the harmful effects that can occur to them mentally and physically, and the lack of education they will receive while being placed in a penitentiary. A juvenile offender's age could vary widely throughout the United States their are about half of the states have no minimum age requirement for a person to be tried as an adult. That means that a person cannot be placed in juvenile justice system which is meant to not place a harsh punishment on a juvenile but rather to rehabilitate that person so they cannot be effected in society and…show more content…
It all depends on the offense and age. There isn't a fine line between what age a child has to be to be tried as an adult. Many children are not fully aware of their actions and most of time don't know what is truly going on. Those with dysfunctional families really don't see much happiness instead most of the time they see anger and resentment between their parents not really knowing the good in life. The Bureau of Justice Statistics found that seventy two percent of jailed juveniles come from a dysfunctional family. This leads them to not have much of a connection between either parent making them seek others attention and approval which can lead to influence by the wrong types of people. They might even be influenced by their own parents who have their own problems such as serving jail time or having bad habits such as drugs and think it's the norm for them to do it also without some sort of

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