Juveniles Should Face Trial As Adults

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When juveniles commit serious crimes they often only receive a minor slap on the wrist, possibly probation. These juveniles then continue to commit worse crimes as well as damage countless lives until they are put away for life as adults. The juvenile system is a place for minors who commit crimes, it has less harsh punishments and is easy going. In this system, there is a multitude of programs for minors to receive help, such as rehabilitation, psychiatric hospitals, in addition to counseling. Minors who have gone through this system come through multiple times due to the fact that they do not learn their lesson or receive the help they need. We must repeal the juvenile system due to its copious faults. This system does not work which is why juveniles need to shape up. Juveniles should face trial as adults when they commit serious crimes because age does not justify crime and victims often suffer from these crimes forever. Whenever people say that juveniles should be subject to lesser sentences seeing as they are children, it makes no sense. Age does not justify committing a crime. These criminals do not wake up one morning and decide to kill or rape. These criminal-like thoughts are always there, even subconsciously. Jennifer Jenkins, a graduate of Duke University School of Law, reports that…show more content…
By repealing the juvenile justice system we can put in a new system that will work. Nothing beneficial is coming from it and juveniles do not gain the understanding that actions have a consequence. If juveniles who commit crimes began to face trial adults, receiving life sentences or several years, crime would begin to decrease. These minors feel they can do anything because they are young. Our society needs to come forward to teach our children a better way of living. A life that punishes those in the wrong and praises those who do what is
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