Juveniles Should Not Be Tried In Adult Courts Summary

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The author McCrea writes the article “Juveniles Should Not Be Tried in Adults Courts” and the author Estudillo writes “Juveniles Should Be Tried….” both argue if minors should be tried as adults. Estudillo asserts “ A kid who gets out of juvenile detention for murder will most likely commit another crime when he or she is out. Estudillo also argues that, Even if he or she is still a minor under 21 they still need to pay the price for what they did. So that means the minor is charged with first degree murder. That would meanz that he would be in jail for the rest of his life. But at the same time he would learn a tough lesson in one of the toughest places... jail. But McCrea argues that a kid should not be charged as an adult because, “Adult prisons do more harm then good for the person and it can affect them mentally. McCrea’s argument is meant to protect the kid so that they are not hurt. Murdering a person should be taken very seriously and taken to the highest punishment. Although McCrea argues that juveniles should not be tried as adults, Estudillo undeniably proves that juveniles should be tried as adults. Minors being tried as an adult exposes juveniles to…show more content…
The juvenile system is a ¨far cry¨ from justice (Estudillo). There have been many cases where minors are getting away with crimes that if they were tried as adults then they would pay the consequences for their crime. No amount of rehabilitation will help the minors, they will continue to do crimes as soon as they get out of the juvenile system. People should be worried about this issue because people of this world cannot let crimes go without the proper punishment. The victim's family will feel that they were treated the way that they should have been. They will feel as though there was no justice
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