Juwan's Narrative Analysis

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Juwan stated, stated he like playing and watching basketball, sport, using his cell phone, and playing video games. Juwan stated, his family, getting good grades, cell phone and having friends. Jawana stated that his grades is okay, and he would like to do better in all his classes. Juwan stated that he is not doing well in his science class. Juwan stated, talking back to his mom, punching the walls, being disrespectful to his mom and leaving the house without permission. Juwan stated that he does not get along well with his mom because she is always yells at him for everything he does and punishing him for stupid reason. Juwan stated that his mom never listen to his side of the story and blame everything that goes wrong in the house on him.…show more content…
Juwan stated, his behavior, and being able to focus on things. Juwan stated, his behavior, his grades, and getting along better with his mom. Juwan stated improving on his behavior and getting along better with his mom. Juwan stated, a ten. Juwan stated, being able to get along better, and his behavior. Mom stated, being complaint, talking back fighting with his siblings, and acting out at school. Mom stated that Juwan has an IEP plan and the school is working on putting in place a behavioral plan. Mom stated that Juwan’s behavior got worst about two months ago when they were homeless. Mom stated that Juwan does not communicate his feelings, to her and when she does try to talk with him, he respond that everything is fine. Mom stated that Juwan does not cope will with things. Mom stated that Juwan does not have any male role model in his life. Mom stated, stated that she does try to discipline Juwan but it does not work. Mom and Juwan answered questions to complete the initial NC Topps
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