Juxtaposing The Black Boy And The Bullet Analysis

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The poem, “juxtaposing the black boy & the bullet”, is comparing a black boy to a bullet. Essentially, the poem is explaining the brutality the world has towards the black boy. It explains the similarities that the black boy and the bullet have . In the end the poem has them meet eventually and the paths that they similarly take throughout their life journey. It is structured as looking at both the bullet and the person and listing how their “lives” are more the same than different although they are on opposite ends. It is organized from the way they are separately together. The pattern goes first one is, then the other repetitively. This shows the boy and the bullet differently but ultimately never says which one is suppose to be which.The poet organized it in a way that is going from beginning to end. The styling seems like it is telling a story. The images convey to the reader that the black boy and bullet struggle for survival. They are more similar and if they were both people more likely would be friends than enemies. The imagery that the poet uses is that it almost sounds like two boys growing up together with giving personification towards the bullet with it being fast and loud like a song. Other imagery would be the longing for warmth that both have and forcibly attempting to be hard. The focus would be on side by side examination between the black boy and the bullet. It all leads up to the black boy and bullet eventually meeting. There is a greater meaning behind
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