Juxtaposition In A Modest Proposal

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In the passage, “A Modest Proposal”, Jonathan Swift utilizes satirical strategies as a tool to express his concerns to his audience. Swift does this to persuade his audience to understand where he is truly coming from. Throughout the passage, Swift protests bad behavior of the culture of poor people and the conditions of the economy. Additionally, he talks about the brutal situations of how the British are treating the Irish. Swift presents his thoughts by using logos, juxtaposition, and satirical comments in order to allow others to comprehend the current situation from his perspective. Throughout the passage, Swift uses logos to try and make sense out of his reasoning. He does this in order to help persuade others into believing he has legitimate reasons behind his statements. …show more content…

He gives one example by saying, “...we are told by an eminent French physician, that fish being a prolific diet, there are more children born in Roman Catholic countries nine months after Lent than any other season.” Here, Swift compares the number of children and fish that are present during a certain time. He does this to further prove his case in hopes of convincing people that they should buy into his train of thought because there are a numerous amount of babies compared to foods we regularly eat. Later in the passage, Swift compares eating children to roasting pigs by saying, “... I recommend buying the children alive, and dressing them hot from the knife as we do pigs.” This quote is added to appeal to his audience in order to compare the kids to a commonly eaten dish. Throughout the passage, swift uses different rhetorical devices to portray to his audience how badly the British are treating the Irish. He uses juxtaposition and logos in order to do so and uses satirical strategies to further prove his point. He proposes the idea of eating children to compare the situation between the Irish and the French as equally

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