Juxtaposition In John F. Kennedy's Speech

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In the so-called cold war era, along with the rise of the Soviet Union and the elevation of intensity between Communism and the Capitalism, the continuity of freedom is in the critical moment. John F. Kennedy wisely combines the technique of juxtaposition as well as specify to illustrate the seriousness of the situation as well as the actions America is going to take to his audiences— American people, Soviet Union’s leaders, and the rest of the world—in his inaugural speech on January 20, 1961. Juxtaposition is a technique that placing of two items side by side to create certain effect, reveal an attitude, or accomplishes some other purpose. By employing the technique of juxtaposition, J.F.K. clearly tells the entire nation that America will “pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, and oppose any foe to ensure the survival and the success of liberty.” This technique is pretty convincing because it underscores the writer’s thought that America will defend freedom from any potential hazard and effectively conveys to his audience that since the principal of America spirit is based on the freedom, so they may agree with J.F.K. that all people should keep the freedom whenever…show more content…
shifts the focus to the discussion of America’s new policy toward other countries. Specify is to be specific about (something) to help reader understand better. He combines the use of juxtaposition and the tool of specify by using the same structure “let both side…” to remind his audiences, especially the USSR that it is time for the USSR and America to cooperate with each other in order to alleviate the burden of the cost on modern weapon as well as to cooperatively improve the world to become a better place. In his juxtaposition, J.F.K. specifies the work they can do together, such as arms control, science field collaborate and so on. Without specification, his point may seem hollow and pale, for the audiences then will have nothing concrete to
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