Juxtaposition In Persepolis

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An impenetrable way through perseverance and resistance in the book “Persepolis” has sent a powerful message to audiences everywhere. This graphic novel is a story of small Marji, who had to face formidable obstacles through her childhood. Living in Iran surrounded by war and thousands of deaths, inspired the little girl to fight for her rights. On page 102 of the book, we can see a powerful juxtaposition, where both of the panels have a profound effect on the reader. Looking at the elements of a graphic novel, Satrapi uses caption, movement and mood in both of the panels in order to enhance the significance on the narrative. The first panel is an illustration of thousands of children being bombed. They are all in the air with their keys around their neck. The bomb is drawn with sharp and dark angles stabbing into the children’s bodies. This is extremely important in the book because it shows one of the consequences of the Iranian Revolution: thousands of innocent people died from the war and no one was able to help. The second panel shows Marji and her friends having fun on the party. They are all jumping around and not thinking about what is happening in the real outside world. These two panels are very significant because they describe a situation between the poor and the wealthy children during the war. How enormous are the differences and how they can affect the lives of each individual. Caption, movement and mood have been clearly shown in panel one. In

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