Jy Nir Case Study

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Living Arr: Jy 'nir is currently hospitalized at Trinitas Hospital, this is the third hospitalizations within the past 6 months. Jy 'nir is currently experiencing significant difficulties with controlling his anger. In addition, he makes suicidal statements (such as threaten to jump out of window to kill himself), physically aggressive towards others (hits and bites his brother and foster parent), destructive to property and is defiant towards authority figures at home and school. Prior to Jy’Nir hospitalization he resides in Plainfield NJ with resource parent Mr. Jordan; Bobbie Smith, youth biological brother and three foster siblings. Action: Mrs. Smith continues to be a positive support system to youth and his family. Mrs. Smith is willing to do whatever is needed to help Jy’nir become successful at home and in school. Family: Jy’nir continues to have daily contact with biological mother Mrs.…show more content…
CFT met to discuss Jy’nir recent incident that caused him to be hospitalize a week later. The Clinical team at Trinitas expressed concerns that Jy 'nir is unable to be maintained with community therapeutic supports at this time and recommend for Jy 'nir to be placed into a structure therapeutic out-of-home treatment program for stabilization. The CFT agreed with clinical recommendations that Jy 'nir is in need of a structured therapeutic setting. The CFT feels that the therapeutic setting will assist Jy’nir with developing coping skills so that he is able to better manage his anger, decrease his impulsivity, comply with authority figures and process past-traumatic events. Jy’nir will also learn in a therapeutic setting how to express his feelings appropriately without resulting to violent and swearing
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