K9 Officer Research Paper

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K9 Units are composed of law enforcement officers partnered with a highly-trained canines. These specially trained dogs are bred or chosen for their intelligence and strong sense of smell. These dogs can help when pursuing fugitives, searching for missing persons, and during narcotics or weapons detection. The officers who handle these canines are more than merely dog handlers; they develop unique relationships in which the canine becomes a trusted partner. K9 Officers usually maintain 24-hour control over their canines. Detector dogs assist law enforcement in detecting illegal substances, such as narcotics or explosives, and those substances, such as gas, that could be used for illegal activity. Law enforcement can generally use any type of dog with a penchant for…show more content…
Much of your training may center around learning your dog's abilities, identifying the commands used to cue your dog, and discovering how to most effectively work with your dog as a team.You must begin preparations early. The first step is becoming a police officer, as you may need to work as a patrol officer for two years before taking on a canine handler job. While many police departments may not require their police officers to have an Associate's degree or Bachelor's degree in criminal justice, most departments do have this requirement for their K9 handlers. You may even need a Master's degree in criminal justice. While earning a degree in criminal justice, you may take courses in basic criminal law, firearms safety, the apprehension of suspects, criminal procedures, and policing procedures. After earning your degree, you may need to attend the local police academy to become a police officer. Plan on spending about six months in the police academy. K9 dogs are expected to perform well in various situations, such as finding a suspect through smell, protecting its handler, finding hidden objects in a 150’x150′ area, knowing how to respond when under fire, and detecting explosives and
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