KFUM Personal Statement

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In May 2013, I was awarded a Bachelor degree of Science in Management Information Systems from KFUPM. When I look back to my journey to achieve that B.S., I see an amazing adventure, full with extensive learning, experience and personal achievements. Since the beginning of my B.S journey, I faced major obstacles that strengthened my personality, gave me confidence, and a great deal of experience. I had to work in several low salary jobs while struggling to maintain my collage studies. In some days, I worked for 18 hours a day, and that was the case until September 2006, where I was hired in a decent full-time job at KFUPM. Working at KFUPM, helped me utilize the extra time I had to put more focus on my studies and I had a chance to earn enough money to face the financial crises caused by the death of my father. In addition, it boosted my working experience to higher levels due to the diverse working environment. I have been dealing with employees form all around the world with different levels of educations age and cultural values.…show more content…
Therefore, I am applying to a master degree in human resource at the University of Melbourne. I believe this degree will help me become more specialized in my area of interest, will help me move up the rungs faster and will add true value to my current employer. The degree will assist me in understanding how change at the employee, group and strategic levels affects individuals. In addition, I am sure the degree will give me deep understanding of drivers of change, the role of internal and external change agents, tools for successful change management, and the implementation and consequences of specific change
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