KPMG: Outline Your Career Goals And Goals

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For relaxing myself, I do jogging every day and I am an cyclist, possible top 100 skiing player in Shijiazhuang and a regular coach for companions. I believe the exercise made make my brain cell grow faster to keep good my thinking ability and it is a good time to connect with others, develop my team working, communication skills and have more diversity in my life to have the better environment to cultivate creative thinking Besides, I am a IMDB 7+ score movie lover and trailer music lover. These two things are expensive made. For example the iron man in average cost is up to 50000 dollars per second. I believe I can learn very much from these as these two things are full of valuable content created by talent people and may broaden my perspective. Now, I would like to try different new things recommended by people from KPMG. Question 2 - What clubs and societies are you a…show more content…
Would you help me to prove it is a correct decision to join your firm, KPMG? Question 4 - Outline your career ambitions and objectives.* From I think it is hard to say my two years later objectives and ambitions due to it may change. However currently my long term goal is becoming a partner in 8-10 years, and be a person that made an impact, have helped many businesses to grow. And wish the effort I and my colleague would make can make the world economy better and the earth smarter. However in two years, I would like to learn a lot about consulting and keep track on the world latest thinking and . Question 5 - At KPMG our global values guide the way that we interact with each other and help to create our open, friendly and supportive culture. Please tell us about a situation where you have used two of KPMG's values to achieve a positive outcome.*

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