Kaakinen Nursing Theory

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1. Describe your own family (this can be family of origin or those who comprise your current "family" in life), and discuss how it fits (or doesn 't fit!) into the definitions of family described in your Kaakinen and Friedman readings.

My family consists of my husband, my son who is twelve years old, and my daughter who is ten years old. We have been married for 14 years and enjoy spending time together as a family. Although, we are a busy family constantly running to accommodate everyone’s activities such as my schooling, sports, piano, husbands’ employment, and church activities, we always make it a point to slow down and have dinner at the table together every day, regardless of how busy we may be. This is something that is very important to us as this allows us time to interact with each other and learn how everyone’s day went. We are also spontaneous and like to take unexpected camping trips with our children, as we all enjoy being out in nature. There is never a dull
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(2015) as it states that when the nurse looks at the family as a whole then the nurse will be able to assess the needs of the entire family, this in turn this will enable the nurse to implement a treatment plan that will not only impact the individual, but the entire family (p.4) empowering the nurse to treat with a holistic approach therefore, meeting the moral and ethical duty which is to include the family in the healthcare needs of the individual (Kaakinen et al., 2015, p.4).
3. Have you had an experience as a family member in which you were on the receiving end of family nursing care (care from a nurse or even another healthcare provider whose care went beyond just the primary individual to include the wellbeing of family members) for a family concern of some kind? This experience does not have to be illness related. Perhaps the occasion was the birth of a child. Please describe this
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