Kabaneris-Personal Narrative

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Throughout time, many aspects of life change such as schools, jobs, and friends, however one’s feelings remain forever. It has been 10 years since the kaba fungus took over the world and began infecting humans. Numerous doctors around the world call them Kabaneri. When these creatures bite you, you slowly become one of them. This is how I lost my daughter. She became one of them. It has been two years since I lost her. After her death, I became confused, lost and hopeless. Throughout these 10 years, the Earth was falling apart and so was I. The Citadel was the heart of Whiteston. It was once filled with hopes, dreams and laughter. After the epidemic, it became a place of horror and despair. There has been a rumor going around the city about a girl having rare blood which can potentially save the city. I don’t really believe this. After all, this city is filled with craziness.…show more content…
As I was about to get out of my bed and search for food, I remembered I finished my last pack of canned beans yesterday. I now have to go outside and search for food in the abandoned mall. So I started to prepare for the worst. I packed any knives and guns I could find because I know the Kabaneris don’t hold back. So why should I? As I got in my car I was introduced by the smell of blood splattered on the seats. It reeked of Kabaneri blood. I turned the key in the ignition, and my car roared to life, scattering the dirt that was there seconds before. A gentle breeze rustled through the willows that stood in the distance. Suddenly my face broke into a grin. The mall was nearby and surrounded by Kabaneri. Darkness will soon engulf the mall. The Kabaneri made a fatal mistake to seek refuge in this area. Before I knew it I opened my mouth and screamed “I’ll kill you. You filthy

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