Kachachh Swot Analysis

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OBJECTIVE: 1 To determine strength, weakness, opportunity and threat of Kachchh district as a tourist place. (SWOT Analysis) This objective proposed to determine tourism potential of Kachchh with SWOT analysis. The term SWOT is an acronym standing for strength ,weakness, opportunities, threats. S- Strength is a comparative advantage our competitors. The competence, available resources, goodwill, supremacy and buyer/seller relationships are the examples of strength of a organization. W- A weakness is a limitation or deficiency in resources, skills and capabilities that hamper effective information. Facilities, financial resources, management capabilities, marketing skills and brand image…show more content…
In the assessment of the destination of Kachch, for a better understanding of such analysis ,there will be mainly considered the tourism product, respectively the cultural heritage tourism, / weak points/opportunities/threats, valid for any type of tourism or tourism product. The SWOT analysis represent in tourism as well a way to understand the enterprise and environment. Kachchh might become “an excellent destination” among the tourism destination in Gujarat only if there would be better pointed out the elements specific to the brand. The rich and diverse touristic product that holds the potential to be one of the Gujarat’s most attractive growth destinations for leisure tourism. It span many different sub regions, each one with its own cultural hallmarks, natural beauties, historic sites and an abundance of entertainment and cultural activities experienced a boom in tourist arrivals since the beginning of Rann…show more content…
Because of the fragile structure of tourism sector it is necessary to apply this analysis. Ex, tourism destination are easily affected by environmental deterioration, over capacity, changes in touristic testes and preferences, appearance of new tourist destination and new tourism types, wars and terrorism attacks and in short period come into face with lack of demand, lack of demand will cause increasing of inactive capacity or closure of touristic establishment in the region.(Boz M et al..2007) According to (Schartz 2006) studying of SWOT analysis for a tourist destination ,answers can be searched to the following

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