Kaernick National Anthem Rhetorical Analysis

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Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback of the San-Francisco 49ers, chose not to stand for the National Anthem at a recent National Football League game. Instead, he decided to express his unhappiness with the way African Americans are being treated by police, by kneeling to the ground. This was his form of protest and attempt to convey his message about how he felt. Kaepernick does have the right to not stand for the National Anthem, however, it is disrespectful. People fight for our freedom, so why disrespect those men and women and an NFL game was not the right time or place to hold his protest. There are around hundreds of Americans that fight for our country every year. These are the people that risk their lives to give all Americans the freedoms and rights that some other countries can only dream about. When they leave to defend the USA they are leaving their family and friends, not knowing if they will come home. However, it’s not just soldiers that defend the country and risk their lives. The police, firefighters, and even EMT’s have the risk of losing their lives when called to duty. Jay Ambrose stated in his article Kaepernick Disrespects U.S, “That colored piece of cloth is not just a piece of cloth anymore …show more content…

Being at an NFL game was not the correct time or place to hold a silent protest, and there are people that fight to give Americans the freedoms and rights that they have, so why disrespect those who risk their lives for the USA. It may be one simple act of protest, but not only does it disrespect those fighting but their family and friends too. Like every situation in life, there are two sides to every story, both sides of this one have reasonable arguments. In conclusion, most people frown upon any type of act to disrespect those who give them their freedoms and rights, as well as those who’s duty is to keep communities

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