Kafan And Sadgati Analysis

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Approaching the question of caste subjugation in Premchand’s stories Kafan and Sadgati and analyzing them with reference to dominant trends noticed in Dalit literature.
Yashika Kant
Undergraduate Scholar
St Stephen’s College, Delhi University
The aim of the paper is to explore the question of caste subjugation in the stories Kafan and Sadgati. The Indian society has been ridden with the menace of caste oppression since centuries. Premchand has been one of the foremost writers to undertake social issues in his writings. The purpose of writing this paper is to explore how caste hierarchy and oppression has been depicted in the works of Premchand and to critically analyse whether his two stories Kafan and Sadgati fall within the genre of ‘Dalit literature’. The paper deals extensively with the Dalit psyche and also the politics revolving around the concepts of purity and untouchability through the Dalit body. The significance of the paper lies in the fact that it enables one to analyse the representation of Dalits in literature by including the criticism of various writers against Premchand and decide for oneself how appropriate and extensive that representation has been.
Keywords: Dalit, death, hierarchy, women, representation, revolution

Premchand (1880-1936) was writing during the first half of the twentieth century when India was facing colonialism, imperialism and National Liberation Movement. He wrote on a variety of subjects touching almost each and

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