Kafka Metamorphosis Analysis

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Explore how Gregor’s metamorphosis can be seen as a symbol of alienation of him in the modern world in Kafka’s Metamorphosis. The literal meaning of the term ‘metamorphosis’ is the process of transformation by which humans change from an adolescent into an adult in two or more stages. The choice of the title by Kafka, creates a significant role for the idea of change to be played.The story suggests a world that is pugnacious and the most salient theme in the book is per say the powerful hegemonizing demeanour of Kafka’s father over him which is shown in correlation with Mr Samsa and Gregor. Kafka’s relationship with his father was decrepit and therefor arduous to maintain. Franz Kafka goes a milestone in portraying this metamorphosis as…show more content…
Kafka, has suggested the most grotesque nature of this dung beetle, but most notably in the beginning of the book and eventually leading to his catastrophic death.Gregor Samsa patiently accepts the hardships that he has no option but to face as an insect or as a human being devoid of complaints. Gregor Samsa, even as a travelling salesman lacked the charisma of a contented cheerful life. The melancholic path in life choose him, for instance, all the other travelling salesmen in the hotel where he stayed, would arrive for breakfast just after Gregor was done with the placement of his order.This perspective of Gregor towards others, orient towards their duties and responsibilities which affected him, because of the unsatiated-ness that was there within him, because of the hard-work he was putting in to pay off his parents debts while the other travelling salesman just had a peaceful and joyful journey. It wasn't the hard-work that had the alienating impact on Gregor but it was the lack of a companion.Gregor did not have time to dwell about what he wanted to do. He just wanted to pay off his parents debts and move out of the firm because of the unfavourable conditions, that prevailed.Gregor worked for a tenure of five years in the firm, without a day off but on the one day on which his somatic metamorphosis took place, the chief clerk was sent in to find out what has happened. The chief clerk mocked Gregor’s parents about their debts and Gregor could not wit-stand this mockery. Anger prevailed within
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